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This putsa certain distance between buyer

If you're trying to do business anywhere, especially online, youcan never overestimate the impact and importance of good old-fashioned credibility.Any brick-and-mortar, street corner business has at least somelevel of credibility. The fact that these businesses have anestablished, tangible presence, physical inventory, and staffgives any traditional businessperson a certain level ofreliability in the eyes of consumers. Online however, suchcredibility is much harder to come by. An Internet storefront orother online business has no roof overhead, no shingle to hang,and no inventory for consumers to pick up and examine. This putsa certain distance between buyer and seller, and that breedsuncertainty in a lot of consumers.When doing business online, the only way to instill confidenceand trust in potential customers is through your website. Yourwebsite, for the most part, is made up of nothing but WORDS,WORDS, WORDS.If your website copy is full of typos, grammatical errors, andunbelievable guarantees, your credibility is likely to suffer.On the other hand, a site that is well-written, easy to read, andfull of useful information makes led street lamp Manufacturers your business seem stable,reliable, and credible.


In the eyes of consumers, your web siteIS your business, so a site full of mistakes is a business notworth buying from.If you walked into a furniture store and found that room groupswere unmatched, fabrics were torn, and the sales staff endedevery sentence in a preposition, would you stay long? Would yoube impressed enough with the business to make a major purchase?Probably not. For most people, the story is the same with ahaphazard, disorganized, unintelligent website. They won't staylong, and they won't had over any money.Before publishing your site for millions to see, make sure it'sbeen thoroughly reviewed by someone who knows the language andknows what a good website should look like.


If you haveinventory, make sure you include detailed photos (front and back)that customers can click on and enlarge. If what you're tryingto sell is a service, be sure to provide testimonials,references, and links to previous work.Most mistakes really can be eliminated with just a bit ofcaution. Instead of reading quickly through your copy beforeposting it, get out a red pen and go through it slowly andcarefully. Then, have someone else do it a second time. Whenyour credibility is on the line, you can't be too careful.