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Carhartt Clothing is an American based company that has been making durable work wear since the late 19th century. They started manufacturing clothing for railroad workers. While they continue to create work clothing on a global scale, they also produce and sell a popular line of street clothing called Carhartt Street Wear. For a broad review of this line, including an overview of its pricing and quality, keep reading.  Carhartt's Pricing Though the basic Carhartt clothing intended for labor and work prices is actually incredibly affordable (usually around $30 for a pair of work jeans), the company's street wear offerings are significantly more expensive. A pair of jeans will usually retail for about $70 while the popular Carhartt jacket sells for close to $100. It's the same Carhartt quality, but consumers are being asked to pay more for designer touches and a style that cowtails to current trends. Carhartt's Comfort and Wearability Carhartt's work wear line is made to be rugged, meaning it's often stiff and a little uncomfortable.


However, the street wear line is almost the opposite. Though still durable and hard-wearing, Carhartt's street wear is soft, comfy and ready to wear. One downside is the clothes are sized very big, so you may want to buy a size down. Carhartt Quality Carhartt makes quality clothing that's made to last and withstand hard, daily use. Their street wear may not be as durable as their work wear, but it's definitely far more rugged and hard-wearing than many other urban brands on the market today. Overall, great quality. For example, the Carhartt Street Wear line led high bay lamps Manufacturers is extremely popular with urban sport fans, like skateboarders, who appreciate a pair of jeans that can take dozens of falls without ripping or tearing. Carhartt Style and Fashion In the early to mid-nineties, urban youths started wearing Carhartt work clothes as a fashion statement and in support of Carhartt's principles to make clothes on American soil with unionized American workers.


Eventually, the trend spread - giving birth to the Carhartt Street Wear line, which is still fashionable today. Overall, the designs and clothes are young, but there are a number of pieces that can be worn by older men who like a rugged, yet contemporary look. The style is definitely masculine and appeals to those who are looking for durable clothes with just a light touch of fashion. The Final Word Other than being too expensive and not quite as durable as their work clothes, Carhartt clothing for street wear has hit the mark. They still hold up over time, and they're fashionable - as long as you're willing to pay the higher price.